My dedication to music education stems from my own experience of music as a language of the heart. I believe music possesses a unique ability to engage communities and function as a common form of communication. It is my calling is to help learning communities understand, interpret and make music for the purpose of appreciating commonalities among cultures and societies. A range of contemporary, reliable research studies, as well as sound professional development in related areas, guides my teaching practice. Through my own research, I have evaluated both formal and informal teaching processes, establishing values to which I have bound my own music teaching philosophy. This has led me to become knowledgeable in cutting-edge pedagogies and relevant lesson content. Something I have learned from my current research is that modern music education does not simply happen inside a classroom—it permeates society in its entirety. Therefore, my role as a music educator is specific to helping others balance analytical thinking with the ever-present creative mind.
Man of La Mancha Spring 2013 Tess Nielsen, Music Director
Nella Fantasia Performed by Ranney Upper School Chamber Singers and Orchestra, 2011
Cloudburst Performed by Ranney Upper School Chamber Singers with the New York Voices,
The New York Voices Tess Nielsen introduces the New York Voices Concert in Panther Hall
Ranney Choral Highlights Ranney Choral Highlights, 2011
Holiday Express Ranney Upper School Chorus with Holiday Express, 2012
Roots and Wings A Video Documentary by Ranney Upper School Musicians directed and edited by Tess Nielsen
Flight Ranney Upper School Chorus and Chamber Ensemble Conducted by Tess Nielsen